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Hello again as I told you last week I am security here at X pat radio 2. Now the other day I heard a strange noise I didn’t know what it was it sounded a bit squeaky. I thought it was Daddy washing up but Mummy said that wasn’t likely as he never does that so I had to investigate further. With further investigation I found little black things on the floor I was told they were not for me to eat and told promptly to leave them alone.

Now I have a little friend called Gizzy she is a cat (im not sure she really likes me as she always arches her back and wags her tail at me) but she is still my friend. Now Gizzy is the head of security for our sister station X pat radio 1 you can see her photo on that website page and she will be doing her own blogs on there (I hope she mentions me )

Since Gizzy came to look at the little black thing on the floor we have not heard the squeaking again so I think she may of frightened off whatever it was.

So that’s all the news for this week I will be again next week with more.

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