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Over the year, we at x pat radio two, are sponsoring rally driver Oscar Martin and his rally car, who will be at all the events from April to November. The years calendar and pictures below. If you would like to have your logo sponsor on the car, get in contact with us, or just go along and support the rally team.



Rallye villa de granadilla: 22 y 23 de junio

Rallye senderos la palma: 13 y 14 de julio

Rallye ciudad de la laguna: 27 y 28 de julio

Rallye isla bonita (la palma): 14 y 15 de septiembre

Rallye isla de Tenerife: 19 y 20 de octubre

Rallye sprint la gomera: 26 y 27 de octubre

Rallye sprint Santiago del Teide: 7 y 8 de diciembre



X-Pat Radio Two, owners would like to Invite any artist with their own music tracks and want them played on air to the Canary Islands and beyond to contact us. We are especially interested in artist who used to work in the Canary Islands and could come on one of our chat shows with their own music.


If you have a business, product, event, or need radio advertising to reach throughout the Canary Islands and beyond, then contact our sales department prices start from 60€


Our App is now ready for use and will be on google play shortly. You can download it from the website and social media sites now. Listen in, have fun, take us everywhere.


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