Charlies Blog

Hello Charlie again. There is a man in the office next door with a big yellow piece of string (I think Gizzy would like to play with it but she is not here) so I will go and play with it before Mummy,Daddy and Ian see me. I will try to be quiet so they wont know where I am. The man keeps going up and down the stairs I wish he would stop it as my legs are getting tired because I keep following him and I only have short legs.

OH DEAR Mummy has found me and tells me not to play with it as it could be dangerous and make my hair curl as it is something called Fibre (I thought that was something that you get in food not a piece of string). Think I will go and have some water now as I am getting very thirsty keep following the man up and down stairs. I don’t know how he feels I am sure he must be just as thirsty as me cause he hasn’t had a drink of anything yet either maybe he will go to the pub later.